The Fatigue reviva Lifestyle

Older Couple Sitting Together at BeachFatigue. It’s as much a part of modern life as the technology that was supposed to give us more freedom and recreational time.

Fatigue and tiredness have a huge impact on everyone in the community, from students trying to tie in a busy lifestyle with study to grandparents juggling babysitting commitments with all the activities a retiree looks forward to. Shift workers, parents, sportspeople – they’re all under pressure to perform at every level.

And that’s all before you get injured or ill. Then the pressure’s really on.

Age, work, stress, study or plain hard work can become hugely challenging in the face of an accident or long-term illness. Trying to get on top of things in the face of adversity can lead to a chronically fatigued state – and it can bring your lifestyle to a grinding halt regardless of whether you are 15 or 85.

TOP Nutrition’s FATIGUE reviva puts you on the front foot no matter where you are situated in life. Backed by 25 years of their own research and development, combined with the hard work of some of the country’s leading university-based researchers, TOP Nutrition has broken new ground with FATIGUE reviva in a way that has brought major international interest and acclaim.

No less than 50 pharmaceutical-grade ingredients have been painstakingly sourced from across the world to create this world-first product, which is proudly Australian made at TOP Nutrition’s brand-new factory at Newcastle. The latest equipment available has been freshly installed and fine-tuned to ensure a truly pharmaceutical-quality product.

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