As a FIFA Women’s World Cup referee, Jacqui Melksham knows only too well how the rigours of training, games and a full-time job can lead to fatigue.

While her nutrition and fitness are at peak level, as is required by a match official of world standard, Jacqui finds the grind of near-daily exertion can be taxing on her energy reserves.

Her experimentation with popular caffeine drinks lasted exactly one can as she found, like so many others, that it was no good for her health.

“It made my heart skip,” Jacqui recalled.

Looking for a healthier alternative to spike her energy levels, Jacqui six months ago decided to give FATIGUE reviva a try after spotting it at her local Go Vita outlet.

She was hooked straight away.

“I found it gave me the lift I needed,” she said. “I’ve never looked back since.

“I take it before a match and as soon as my training increases.

“I don’t get muscle spasms and in recovery the next day I’m not as tight.”

As a well-travelled referee, Jacqui is even finding – like so many others – that FATIGUE reviva’s amino acid formulation provides a great way to cope with long flights into different time zones.

“It’s even good for jet lag,” she said.

And there’s no doubt Jacqui is in a good position to make the call, with her commitments meaning she is racking up the frequent flyer points as she criss-crosses the globe.

After officiating at the under-19 World Cup in Thailand (2004) and under-20 World Cup in Chile (2008), Jacqui this month received the call-up to referee in this year’s Women’s World Cup in Germany across June and July.

“It’s pretty fantastic,” she said. “It’s been a dream of mine since I was 19, so you could say it’s been a long-term goal.”

Controlling a game is something that appealed to Jacqui as a young girl.

“My mum was a softball umpire when I was growing up, so I’d always wanted to get into refereeing,” she said.

That ambition became a reality in 1998 when, as a player, she gave a referee a “gobful” after a game. The ref responded that Jacqui should take up whistle-blowing herself.

She took up the challenge and was promptly named referee of the year for the Toowoomba region. And there’s no hard feelings with the referee who copped her spray.

“We had a good laugh about it a couple of years ago,” Jacqui said.

For now, her focus is on stepping up her training schedule in readiness for the World Cup. The training is arduous but the rewards are great, and with FATIGUE reviva on her side Jacqui is looking forward to her German campaign with confidence.

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