350x232x9746441.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6fk6PSV0k6Fatigue can hover like a vulture when you’re ill or injured.

When all of your body’s resources are focused on repair, battling illness and infection or even engaged in a fight for life, your body is in a perilously dangerous state of becoming fatigued.

Before you know it, there can be new problems to deal with, all because your immune system has been so badly knocked around that it can’t see off fresh threats.

And it is when your body is in these fights that you need it to give it its strongest chance. That’s where Fatigue Reviva comes into play.

You need to get all the nutrients you can into your body to heal, yet the very fact that your body is in such a state of stress means it can’t effectively process the nutrients you put into it.

It’s an ugly Catch 22 that puts your long-term health at high risk.

FATIGUE reviva breaks the cycle thanks to its revolutionary delivery system. It cuts out the digestive system by releasing its cutting-edge formula straight from the gut into the bloodstream, where it is needed so badly by a body and immune system trying to get back on top of things.

By eliminating your ailing digestive system’s failings, you put a highly specific and researched dose of amino acids, vitamins and minerals right into the front line of your body’s fight for health.

That reduces stress on the body and allows it to focus on the pressing job of healing or fighting infection.

A team at the University of Newcastle have revealed evidence in their ground-breaking studies of the chronic catabolic state to exist in patients suffering trauma, infection, burns and cancer.

Even if you are healthy, your body is degrading 300 grams of muscle a day, and that’s without the added requirements for healing an injury or fighting off infection.

Stress and disease bring about a process where cortisol, catecholamines, IL-1, IL-6 and TNF lead to muscle breakdown.

Prolonged disease, ageing and cancer all lead to reduced muscle recovery, muscle damage, fatigue and wasting. Your body is burning up far more amino acids than it is getting in, and this can eventually lead to a chronically fatigued state, which has a huge impact on your health and quality of life – not to mention disable your ability to overcome your illness or recover from an injury.

TOP Nutrition has drawn on worldwide research, including pioneering studies conducted at some of Australia’s leading universities, and combined this knowledge with its own extensive research developed over the past 25 years, to create FATIGUE reviva.

There are 20 amino acids – the building blocks of protein – and FATIGUE reviva contains all of them in very specific doses, along with a precise mix of vitamins and minerals. Its world-first delivery system means the carefully researched formula arrives right in your bloodstream to go straight to work to give your body a fighting chance.

“I was struggling to get on top of things after a serious car accident left me with multiple injuries. The rehabilitation was like a full-time job and I was hitting the wall early afternoon every day. I just had to lie down. On top of that I just seemed to be getting sick all the time and couldn’t find the motivation to get back into the swing of things. Fatigue Reviva changed that. My energy and motivation are at new highs and my doctors are amazed at my recovery.”

– Jenny, Brisbane