350x231x9746461.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6pa3IRK-gPIt seems cruel that something as simple as fatigue can bring a highly-tuned sportsperson down.

But the simple fact is that being at the top of your game – rather than making you immune to being tired – actually puts you at a higher risk of falling victim to fatigue.

Yes, your body is highly tuned. You’re faster, leaner, stronger than ever. Your diet is perfect and you load up with all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

But the bottom line is you’re pushing your body to its very limits. Edging around overtraining can be a tightrope walk, and even when you do that, your stressed immune system can be so down that just a common head cold can sideline you from the very event you were training so hard for.

Giving your body every chance it needs means not only fuelling it correctly, but making sure the fuel gets to your engine. FATIGUE reviva tips the balance back in your favour.

To start with, you’re getting a cutting edge formulation of amino acids, vitamins and minerals – one developed by TOP Nutrition in consultation with leading universities and researchers and drawing on 25 years of company research.

TOP Nutrition works closely with some Australia’s leading sportspeople. They’re triathletes, motorsport stars, NRL, NBL and A-League players, weightlifters and bodybuilders. A huge cross-section of the sporting community liaises with TOP Nutrition on a daily basis to give vital feedback and ideas.

But the formulation, as exciting as it is, is just the start. The key to FATIGUE reviva lies in its state-of-the-art delivery system. A world-first breakthrough means FATIGUE reviva is shuttled from the gut straight into the bloodstream. That means the formulation requires no digestion.

That effectively cuts the digestion system out of the process, meaning the nutrients get where they are needed much faster, and with much more potency. The problem with high-intensity training and stress is digestion of food is inhibited and blood circulation to the gut is reduced, so often even though your diet and supplementation is excellent, a lot is getting lost on the way to your muscles. The body digests protein to release amino acids into the bloodstream.

In a hard-training sportsperson this is a crucial factor, as healthy humans degrade on average 300 grams of muscle protein a day. Amino acid supplementation has been proven to improve training efficiency. Amino acids promote faster recovery from muscle fatigue, increase blood oxygen-carrying capacity, decrease muscle damage and can have positive effects on muscle integrity and haemopoiesis.

“I had hit an absolute plateau with my training, and I was getting tired and picking up bugs and niggling injuries all the time. I noticed an immediate effect with Fatigue Reviva. I had fresh energy and my workouts picked up straight away. A month down the track and I’m making progress I haven’t made in years – and I’m not feeling tired any more. I’m really looking forward to my training sessions again.”

– Sean, Newcastle