Fatigue or exhaustion is a subjective feeling of extreme tiredness. It has gradual onset, and can be relieved by periods of rest. It can be caused by mental or physical exertion or illness.

Physical fatigue is the inability of the muscle to maintain prime physical performance, and is made more severe by intense physical activity, whereas mental fatigue is a decrease in maximal cognitive performance resulting from prolonged period of cognitive activity.

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These research and development team of experienced consultants have been conducting ground-breaking research in the fields of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and autism for more than 18 years.  Their work has drawn worldwide interest and acclaim of peers and brought fresh hope of improved treatments for people in all walks of life. Their findings have appeared in many scientific papers around the world.

Chronic Catabolic State


The research has studied the molecular mechanisms that may be operating in chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and autism.

The conclusion from this research suggest that people with such conditions are in a chronic catabolic state, and as such they do not gain the necessary building blocks from their food, and so they are malnourished at the cellular level.

The chemical processes that occur within a living cell or organism are necessary for the maintenance of life. In metabolism, some substances are broken down to provide energy for vital processes. Other substances that are necessary for life are synthesised. There are two major states of human metabolism: the anabolic state and the catabolic state.

The catabolic state is usually a short-term acute response to an activation of the immune system in response to an infection or a trauma. The body responds to stress hormones by turning down the blood flow to the gut and the digestive processes. The body also responds to stress hormones by relying on the breakdown of muscle proteins for amino acids to be used for both energy and for making protective proteins such as cytokines, interleukins and antibodies.

The University’s research team has concluded that chronic infection is the primary cause for the chronic catabolic state – and in the syndromes mentioned above, it seems that this catabolic state is maintained for a very long time. The interpretation of this is that these groups of people are carrying a chronic infection which their immune systems are unable to completely clear up. It is believed that these infections are of the intra-cellular type probably due to Rickettsia, Ehrlichia, Chlamydia and mycoplasma families of bacteria or possibly also viruses.

The concept of course is not new, and from a biological point of view is just a natural phenomenon of life. During evolution there has been colonisation of every environmental niche on the human body by a multitude of viruses, bacteria, fungi and worms. That means most of us are probably carrying viral and microbial colonisations. Some of them are good for us, such as the kilogram of about 350 or more species of bacteria in our gut or the apparently harmless commensals on our skin. However there are also colonisations that can cause us harm. Some can be cleared by the immune system in a few days – known as an acute infection. But there are other more harmful organisms that range from the ones that kill us to those that chronically infect us for life because our immune system is unable to remove them.

If a person cannot clear the organism then the immune system is chronically activated, a catabolic state chronically persists, and as a consequence of this, the body is put on a state of internal warfare that puts a huge drain on a person’s wellbeing. The metabolism is changed from metabolism of carbohydrates and fats to instead metabolising the body’s own proteins to generate sufficient amino acids to make defensive proteins to fight the harmful organism.

Cellular Malnutrition.

Biochemical studies showed that there are deficiencies in amino acids and fatty acids in the patient groups mentioned above. The research team believes that as a result of those deficiencies there is malnutrition at the cellular level due to the chronic catabolic state. According to the scientists, using amino acids – the building blocks of protein – as nutritional supplements have led to marked improvement in the health and well-being of anyone experiencing fatigue and assist with the maximisation of energy, stamina and recovery for their body and lifestyle. TOP Nutrition has drawn on these findings, and brought the company’s own 25 years of research and development to a head, to develop FATIGUE Reviva, an amino acid product with a cutting-edge formula and revolutionary delivery system that shuttles amino acids straight into the bloodstream.

Plethora of Symptoms

It is now well-accepted that many of the symptoms of CFS, FM, & RA overlap with many other syndromes.

The interpretation of this is that the symptoms such as tiredness, memory fog, chronic pain, headache, gut dysfunction et cetera are the result of the ongoing chronic immune response the body is making in an attempt to rid itself of the chronic infection. Some are a direct result of the defense proteins [IL6, TNFalpha] themselves and some are a result of a downturn in secondary systems due to shortage of necessary nutrients as the body fights a never ending war against the invader. There is collateral damage to other systems of the body itself as a side effect of this massive production of defensive proteins such as cytokines, interleukins, and antibodies.

  • Thus there is poor acid production in the stomach and hence poor uptake of Vitamin B12 due to lack of Intrinsic Factor to transport the vitamin across the gut wall;
  • Poor release of pancreatic digestive enzymes and hence poor breakdown of food particularly protein;
  • Increased leakiness of the gut and frequent induction of food intolerance;
  • Altered function of the adrenal glands usually seen as
  • lowered testosterone and DHEA production
  • lowered mineral corticoid production and hence low blood pressure and neurally mediated hypotension;
  • Generation of auto-antibodies and autoimmunity; and
  • There is often also sensitivity to light and a difficulty experienced in reading.

Treatment Rationales

In view of the findings of a chronic catabolic state, the postulated chronic infection and subsequent cellular malnutrition, treatment for CFS by your clinician should be directed at four areas:

  • The primary causative agent should be looked for and if found then treatment to eliminateor control the organism should be instituted. The work of Dr Cecile Jadin on the use of cycles of antibiotics to treat CFS patients is particularly relevant (www.chronicfatiguesyndrome.tv), as is the work of Professor Garth Nicolson(www.immed.org).
  • Supplements to address the cellular malnutrition:
  • Multivitamin supplement containing Betaine HCl such as Tresos B.
  • Supplementation with Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish oil or flax oil.
  • Supplementation with amino acids in the free form. Protein supplementation is not useful as the pancreatic enzymes necessary to break proteins to amino acids are usually not being produced in sufficient quantities. Top Nutrition’s Fatigue Reviva is one such product. TOP Nutrition’s FATIGUE Reviva is one such product.
  • Antioxidants such as Vitamin C (e.g. Orthoplex C with bioflavenoids), selenium, lipoic acid and green tea.
  • High salt diet and Licorice (Liquorice) in cases of low blood pressure or neurally mediated hypotension.
  • Supplementation with DHEA and testosterone when these are low
  • B12 drops or tablets placed under the tongue (sublingual) to allow direct absorption into the blood stream are said to be useful.
  • B12 injections can also be useful.
  • Determining if there is intolerance of certain foods, particularly milk proteins and if this is detected then elimination of that food from the diet.
  • Determining if coloured lenses make reading easier (www.irlen.com).

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